1. Give me back the moments (Rehearsal) Felix Marc
  2. Modern Talking (Rehearsal) Felix Marc
  3. Parallel World (Rehearsal) Felix Marc
  4. Belles (Rehearsal) Felix Marc
  5. Ghost (Rehearsal) Felix Marc
  6. Life is porn (Rehearsal) Felix Marc
  7. Collector (Rehearsal) Felix Marc
  8. Garden of light (Rehearsal) Felix Marc

These audio gems were lost and found on a random external drive. They were conducted and recorded on the fly with my band on a lonely Saturday evening in 2012 by Achim Welsch in a stuffy small cellar room north of Stuttgart, Germany. Formerly a decent local pub, now cradle of local sub culture, this room was granted to me by Achim for two rehearsal sessions. Preparing us for the first live show with my solo project in Moscow.
The band met here for the first time and started to rehearse the songs from zero. Each one doing the best he could. Giving the songs a whole new attitude. Making them something very special and unique.

Eternal thanks for going on this exceptional adventure trip together with me:

Marcus Perst (Dr. Drum) – Drums
Johannes Scherer (Jo Haynes) – Bass guitar
Zura (The Master of Interpretation) – Guitar
MyLucina – Guest Vocals on “Collector”
Achim Welsch (Wizard of Sound) – Sound recording


Felix Marc – Vocals, Composition, Mixing, Mastering

The 2012 Rehearsals

Release Date : May 23, 2016
Artist : Felix Marc