1. Repair Felix Marc
  2. Moscow Paris Felix Marc
  3. Collector Felix Marc
  4. Opposite sites Felix Marc
  5. Life is porn Felix Marc
  6. Fields of grey Felix Marc 0:52
  7. The Muse Felix Marc
  8. Modern Talking Felix Marc
  9. Garden of Light Felix Marc
  10. Ghost Felix Marc
  11. Mystify Felix Marc
  12. Parallel World Felix Marc

Twelve songs dealing with topics from a globalized business world. Job and career in conflict with art and muse of a musician. A combination of two alter egos under one musical flag!

‘Parallel Worlds’ features a musical implementation of the John Fowles book ‘The Collector’ as well as a remake of the INXS cult classic ‘Mystify’ – two pieces of art which massively influenced me as an artist. Inspiration and muse as the driving force in the album production peak in the song ‘The Muse’ on which I also launched a music video along the album release!

For the first time I also collaborated with two female guest vocalists! Solo Artist MyLucina (who already worked with artists such as Emile Autumn) on the song ‘Collector’, as well as Lis van den Akker, leadsinger of female fronted Dutch band Misery on the epic, balladesque duett Fields of Grey! ‘Parallel Worlds’ is a border crosser in our fast moving society showing the fine line of existing parallel worlds.


Parallel Worlds

Release Date : June 10, 2011
Artist : Felix Marc