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Diorama is a music band from Reutlingen/Germany, brought into being by Torben Wendt in 1996. Diorama’s early works were characterized by an intimate, fragile disposition due to a strong focus on piano and vocal parts. In their further development, influences from gothic/ electro, alternative and rock have been incorporated. With their highly creative, intricate and genre-crossing way of producing music, Diorama have maneuvered themselves into a stylistic niche that can hardly be narrowed down.


Torben Wendt: music and lyrics, vocals, keys, percussions
Felix Marc: co-production, keys, vocals
Zura: guitars
Marquess: drums


Diorama – official website
Diorama @ Facebook



2020 Tiny Missing Fragments
2017 Zero Soldier Army
2013 Even the devil doesn’t care
2010 Cubed
2010 Child of entertainment
2007 A different life
2006 Synthesize me
2005 Pale (Re-release)
2005 Repale
2005 Amaroid
2002 The art of creating confusing Spirits
2001 Device
2001 Her liquid arms
1999 Pale


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