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I feel at home in all of the projects I participate in. Their entitlement being different, allows me to wander between aggressive fast songs, melancholic slow songs, and mid-tempo electro pop style. Like a human being changes its mood. And since I am composing best based on personal moods, I can switch to either of the projects – like a chameleon.

I immensly enjoy collaborating with other bands and artists from all over the world. I am happy to share some of these amazing results here.


Nordika [feat. Felix Marc] – Relocate

Nordika [feat. Felix Marc] – One


Nordika [feat. Felix Marc] – Illumination


Mental Discipline [feat. Felix Marc] – Fall to pieces


EcstaticMental Discipline [feat. Felix Marc] – Fallen Stars

Suicidal Romance [feat. Felix Marc] – Ecstatic



Blind Faith and Envy – Media Motal (Marc Mix)


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